Is Pendora compatible with my DAW ?

Pegasus is made with VST (windows) and Audio Unit (macOS) technology, so it is compatible with the most D.A.W. like FL Studio, Abelton, Logic Pro, Lmms, Cubase, Reason…

How much disk space does Pegasus use ?

Once installed, Pegasus takes 5.33 Gb.

The .exe installer for windows takes 1.91 Gb and the .zip installer file for MacOS takes 3.81 Gb

How many presets has Pegasus V2 ?

Pegasus V2 has 230 presets

The default currency of the website is €, can I pay in $ or other currency

Yes of course, our payment providers do the conversion automatically, and we pay a conversion fee for each conversion.

Cryptocurrencies are unfortunately not yet supported, but will be as soon as Stripe allows it.

If you really want to pay by cryptocurrency, contact us by email:

Can I sell beats made with your product and make placements ?

Yes, all our products are 100% royalties free 😊

If you have any questions, send them to